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Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
I can read japanese fine so availability is not a problem for me. What I meant was, how many part of the novel cover the harem antic on average? More than half like highschool dxd or hidan no aria is too much for me right now, but a little bit of it like index should be fine.
if i have to say than you will se a similar theme to the 1st few vol of TAMNI, which mean each vol focus on a girl, the harem antics pretty much use for Comedy part which only exist for a small in each vol but from vol4,5 onward the romance element cover over the harem element so compare to DxD and TAMNI, its more similar to TAMNI but not as large in scale or superior plan,twist and little heavier in harem element(compare a normal novel to Kamachi.exe is just wrong you know), so far up to vol 7 the plot is decent enough on its own with some mixed of darker element and the MC flashbacks about his past plus some twist later. Personally, i won't say it a Must-read by all cost type but rather a quite decent to read type. Well, thats too dpend on your taste but when you read this one, at least read up to vol 5 ,6 due to the first few vol is Extremely similar to Hidan no aria

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