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Originally Posted by papermario13689 View Post
Iori-chi and I are close, see? I got ties to her entire conglomerate.

You should go with the 5,000 (heck I'd say the 10,000 if you can afford to), because trust me, those points run out FAST.


I wish I could fork out the cash for a 10,000yen PSN's not that I can't but there's that little voice(s) in my head that tries and rationalizes my purchases...which is usually the voice(s) of Yayoi and/or Miyakawa Hikage. (from Lucky Star and Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku)

...however, that voice lost today and I ended up getting a 5,000yen PSN card. Quite a dispute took place in my mind between Angel Yayoi and Devil Iori. Yes, Devil Iori WON, OVER YAYOI, that's saying a LOT. (for someone like me)

If anyone is considering getting a PSN card, whether for iM@S or any other game, DO IT NOW!! Someone at play-asia grew a heart and they're having a sale!! (last I checked, which is a few minutes before I made this post) I got a 5,000yen PSN Card for $71 which is very reasonable seeing as how $1 is about 75yen right now, which means the card is roughly worth $62.50, meaning they're only charging nine extra dollars. Put that together with their usual price being $90 and...well, you can do the math. You can buy a 1,000yen PSN card with the money you saved.

With the 5,000yen card, together with the 50yen I had left from before I had 5,050yen. Bought "CHANGE!!!!" and the outfit as I originally intended and I had 2,500 left. I was planning to set aside 1,500 for the next sale assuming "Brand New Day!" would go on sale but...I ended up picking up "Jibun Rest@rt". Now I'm wondering what to do with the leftover 1, it, use it for minor DLCs for the game, or go to the game archives? Mmrgh~

Originally Posted by Azuma Denton View Post
@yayoi no kage
please scroll down on that article...

Oh, btw, it's Makoto's birthday~!!!

...I posted those pics of her by coincidence...but some may call it fate.
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