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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Morality is, when it comes down to it, a fabricated standards of keeping a healthy functioning society.
Only problem would be the fact there are so many societies with different standards, making "expert in morality" a very hard job to accomplish, unless human society can globalize to a common standard.

I agree.

And to further erode the idea of an "expert in morality".. evolution needs a pool of diverse moralities to select upon. If there is only one "expert morality" it will turn into a "moral specialization". Specializations are more often than not dead ends in evolutionary processes. So its best to remain versataile and diverse. I admit that my analogy to natural evolution is a little bit adventurous, but I have no doubt that humanity in total order is the best seed for chaos, while a more chaotic humanity results in a natural partial-order (this is just my gut feeling speaking though).
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