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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Well, end result may well be the same.
But at least, if done correctly, moral of logic and science would be based on the logical functionality of a society.

Of course that may lead to hive mentality and we all turn borgs.
Society is by no means a purely logical nor functional. It is based on humans which by themselves are not purely logical nor functional, nor is ethics and morality for that matter. Thus, moral of logic and science being "done correctly" is a crackpot idea that has no logical basis to it.

Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
But I'll have to dispute the idea that "logic and science" is just as weak as religion when it is examined under a spotlight of critical analysis. When some of the justification for the doctrines amount to "because I say so" or "invisible beings told me" versus "I ran an experiment on this a thousand times and got results my hypothesis predicted" - that's a fundamental difference.
And how does experiments connect to ethics and morality?

In the end, everyone is engaged in sophism: The notion that only religion or "science" is the correct path of a ethical or moral society is in itself a fundamentally flawed idea which both sides are not willing to admit. Morality/ethics is a social construction which is based on what what society is, which cannot be purely religious or scientific. To argue that there is one correct path is simple BS.
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