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Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
Vol. 9, coming out next week...

As far as the episode goes (since I know the story long time ago...)
1. It does feel a little bit rush IMO.
2. As for those complaining about it being open-ended...that's what happen when the anime catch up to the latest LN volume (Including Haganai Connect)
3. So, will it be Niku route? Will see in a week...
4. Or will Rika continue her streak? Of course, they're already in friend-zone...
5. Or will he go harem route, Seitokai include?
5a. Sad that Amakusa Hidaka wasn't able to drag Kodaka into Seitokai, no Seitokai Yakuindomo S2...
6. For Kodaka v. Rika...they sure this is not the pre-season episode of Railgun?
7. And Season 3 / OVA is almost a's just a question of "When" especially with the LN being released at a turtle pace...
8. Last note on Rika...she's mine. I claim her before the Season start and now face tons of competitions...
9. 理科ちゃんマジ天使。理科ちゃんマジ天使。理科ちゃんマジ天使。
10. Last note, Fukuen Misato is just good...from Universe in S1 to going all over the place in S2. Another reason why Rika = THE true end.
Just saying, the translators aren't exactly translating these days probably because they have a lot of work to do in other parts of their lives.
My point is, how long do you think it's going to take them to translate an entire volume when it comes out? (Hopefully, not long.)
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