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Ultimately, i think the author is getting a bit meta with the trope. Kodaka is his primary mouthpiece (since the LN is written in first person) and Kodaka himself comments a few times on how 'miraculous' it is that he coincidentally got involved with all of these amazing girls. I would have liked it better if the girls were a little bit less in the 'unreachable' realm, but i guess Kodaka's 'mere mortal' status in the face of that does make his struggle more iconic.

Yusa's comment about Kodaka's character was slightly off the mark, since Kodaka was also at the time running from his own troubles so his helping her wasn't entirely altruistic; you could see it in the guilty look on his face.

Hmm... i guess Kodaka also subverts the 'useless harem lead' trope a little bit, because he is keenly aware of how fragile his position is at all times - and that's what paralyses him, rather than density or indecision. Who'd have though that being able to read people really well would be a weakness?
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