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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle
Hi there, I'd like to request a "Suzumiya Haruhi Novel Translation Thread", something akin to the "Shuffle! Game Translation Thread" (link below).

The thread would deal solely with discussion among novel owners/readers on how to get the novels translated to English, as there are no known licensed English versions of the novels to date.
OK, but since I'm not at all sure how it should be started can you (Kinny Riddle) make a post (in this thread) as if you were creating a new Suzumiya Haruhi Novel Translation Thread. Post an introduction paragraph as if you were making the first post of a new thread.

Once posted I (or another Mod) can split it from this thread and use it to create the new thread.

One point to note, I don't mind if the object of the thread is to discuss the novel translations (the problems, issues, meanings, interpretation) but what will not be allowed is for the thread to contain the translation itself. That needs to be made clear from the first post.
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