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Originally Posted by melange
Because it seems that as the novels progress, and thus as the series progresses, more and more (pseudo-)'metaphysical'/'philosophical' talk is/will be thrown in from various characters about what Haruhi is, I would like to request a "Speculation" thread of some sort. Right now these 'metaphysical/philosphical' discussions are inhabiting the Episode 3 Discussion Thread and the Series Prediction Thread but don't quite seem to fit in with the stated goal of those threads.
Hmmmm….actually, we have this thread going at the moment:

-> Future Episode Synopses/Series Predictions

I could add "General Speculation" to the title as well because it fits. The intention of that particular thread was to be a spot where people could speculate about the story, characters, future episodes, etc., etc.,..Does that existing thread fit what you’re looking for?
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