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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
What is a MAD?
Google ("amv mad") gives me this (only a cache copy at the moment, page itself is unavailable).
What is a MAD?

Today the word MAD stipulates an edited video or tape made as a parody from doujin circles. However, the true origin of this word comes from the Osaka University of Arts and Music. Around 1978, two members, Mr. Shimagawa and Mr. Y, of the group CAS began making medleys of anime and sentai show songs with guitars. After awhile, they decided to try and use their recordings as the actual background music for the shows. After this initial test, they eventually went into the realm of parody. Thus, the MAD was born.

At the same time, in a completely different place in Osaka, a middle school student named Imai had started his own MAD creation. It all began from his desire for the background music from the anime show Yamato. At the time no drama records had been released, so he recorded the BGM from the TV show where there was no dialogue and pieced the clips together to make a full song. After enjoying success in this first endeavor, he began to piece together dialogue from the show and create his own memorable scenes for the show. Upon sharing his works with his Yamato loving friends and having fun playing with words and quotes, they decided to actually edit the video as well. This ultimately led to the creation of the MAD Yamato club in their high school years. Finally, when Imai entered the Osaka University of Arts and Music, the fate of these MAD's were brought together. Imai, excited that there were others interested in such zany acts, took in the Sound MAD created by his senpai and released his NEW MAD SERIES.

Much time has passed and we now know MAD's as they exist today. One question you may ask is why they are called MAD's. This stems from the name of the tape that was first made. It was originally titled the Kichigai Tape (Tape of Madness), but for some reason or other the title was changed from Japanese to English.
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