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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
I know this is not ever going to occur...

But won't it be ammusing if this happened?...

Cornelia: "Congradulations, you have earned my trust and respect, Suzaku. From now on you are a member of my personal guard. I had to twist a few arms to get you here, but I am sure you won't disapoint me."

"Thankyou, Madam."
(In his mind: "Yes! I am one step closer to gaining influence and changing Britania from the inside!")

Cornelia: "Now, I know there are still people in the military who think lowly of you, Suzaku, so let's prove them wrong shall we?"

Suzaku: "Sure, but what have you got in mind?"

Cornelia: "What else? I have just authorised an invasion of Europe! Your first task would be assisting me in spearheading the assault on Paris, and I am sure your performance there would solidify you right to be here."

Suzaku: "Err... Assault on Paris?"

Cornelia: "Yeah. What's wrong? You don't sound very enthuthiastic... Guess you are aiming higher than that? I supose your strong talents could be wasted there againt such weak forces. Oh, don't worry, if you want to take on a bigger target, I can arrange something afterwards. Moscow might just be the challenge you are after. "

Suzaku: "Errr... Why?"

Cornelia: "Now you are just making fun of me, stop it already. You are one of us now, and invading other people is what we do! Isn't that what you signed up for? Don't worry, I will take good care of you. Euffie would desire nothing less. Pack your bags, we are airdropping over the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile Tuesday morning."

15 years of war later
Suzaku, "Finally, we won on the European and the Asian fronts, now I can focus on my political career."
Officer, "New orders Suzaku, you are to participate in the Atlantic Ocean front. It seems that Namor is on the move and his Atlantean forces have already taken several of our costal bases."
Suzaku, " [the hell's an Atlantean?]

Guess mental stability is not a requirement for the job of knight. Why exactly does Euphie need a pilot as a knight? A highly trained bodyguard makes sense, but is she planning on personally eradicating naughty elevens in a pinked out KF as well? Suzaku can sing kumbayah while she does it.
It was advised by Cornelia's bodyguards(who are also knights BTW) since they realize now that Zero has a grudge against the Imperial Family and are concerned for her safety. Since Suzaku is a knight, he can be appointed to be her bodyguard and likewise is a highly trained fighter which I'm sure all of the best knights are suppose to be.
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