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I watched both of the movies last night, and I must say, they surely changed a lot of the storyline. I expected some minor changes here and there to adapt, naturally, but still.

I was very displeased with Light's character. It was just so different from the anime/manga. Instead of being the self-righteous genius, who besides being popular, stuck to himself, he was sort of a jock. He had a girlfriend, and the early encounter with those criminals made the whole death note deal seem like a personal vendetta, not purging the world of crime.

L turned out to be pretty similar, but I think they over-stressed the idea of him being willing to sacrifice humans in the process. It seemed like they demonized him in a way, but I suppose they had to make his character distinct quickly and this was the way they saw best fit.

The first movie was a real disappointment, to be honest. I expected a lot more.
It was all too short, there was no time to get to know Light or L, the pacing was just way too quick. I didn't find the actor they chose for Naomi to be all too appealing either, but perhaps this is a biased opinion, since I did like the old Naomi way too much.
Spoiler for Museum scene spoiler:

I was quite pleased with the second second movie, I enjoyed that one. The alternate ending was easier on the heart than the original,
Spoiler for Second movie ending:

I would definitely have preferred if they included the Yotsuba part, as opposed to the female reporter carrying out the judgement, though, but that's just me.

Ryuk looked awesome, but he seemed much much more malevolent than in the anime, he wasn't as light-hearted. But that's ok, he is a shinigami, after all.

Rem was another deal altogether. Did they make her into a man? She seemed stripped of all femininity, and her purple hair was painfully absent.

Anyways, that's my opinion, what a rant.
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