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This episode feels more like an introduction to a bigger problem. AEU and private army country obviously tries to challenge the Celestial Being, with the Gundam Meisters answer it immediately. Lockon cheats by using Haro to control Dynames's shield cloak
Hmmm is it just me or are there quite a bit of 'grunt' pilots around that are capable of taking on the Gundams ?

I also like the idea that each faction tackles the Gundam problem in a different manner.
Union - Technology
HRA - Enhanced super soldiers
AEU - A private army

Sure the AEU's choice is a little weird (I mean having to hire another army to do a job your guys can't even do) but it's something.

I'm pretty surprised that she knows Billy and the professor
Oye, I'm getting Mistao and Kaji vibes here.
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