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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Hmmm is it just me or are there quite a bit of 'grunt' pilots around that are capable of taking on the Gundams ?

I also like the idea that each faction tackles the Gundam problem in a different manner.
Union - Technology
HRA - Enhanced super soldiers
AEU - A private army

Sure the AEU's choice is a little weird (I mean having to hire another army to do a job your guys can't even do) but it's something.

Oye, I'm getting Mistao and Kaji vibes here.
I think AEU wants to take advantage of this conflict in hope that the Union and HRL take each other out and have the PMC be a terroist group, that way the AEU could easily rule the world while making it look like that they are staying out of this conflict.

As for Billy and Sumeragi's relationship, yeah it seems like a possible Kaji and Misato relationship. The question is what happened and whether it will follow the path of Evangelion (which means Setsuna might have a streak with women in ther mid-20s
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