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Please note that I have only seen up to Episode 3, and do not want to be spoiled.

Couple questions right now...
First, when Lelouche went into the KnightMare in Episode 2, he had chess pieces with him... Why? Was it in the knightmare, or was it something he brought along? Seemed kind of strange...

Second, I was kind of confused with the start of Episode 2. How did Lelouche know that there were Knightmares in that train? And how did he get in contact with the others? It seemed like he suddenly hijacked that one knightmare, and then he had like some big master scheme going on... How exactly did that happen?

If these are explained later, I understand. I don't want to be spoiled.
He found a chess set lying on the ground after capturing the Knightmare and picked it up to play with.

He got in contact with them by hacking into those receivers or the signal, can't remember exactly what. For why he knew about those Knightmares... not sure there.

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