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Originally Posted by LightningZERO View Post
Sweet...too bad the Trinity is no more
It has become Nena Unity...

Originally Posted by mangalowres View Post
After seeing the first 16 or 18 eps I had no more time to watch this show, till now.
Now I've got time but I fear the end of this show.(I saw the three new Gundams attacking the wedding and that one girl in the hospital with only one arm, don't remember her name.)

So it is a good end? (define: good .... hmmm anything else than the Code Geass End ... I really hate it .... or those three got what they deserve ... or the "good" main chars didn't die ... or happily ever after )
And please don't spoil to much.

Thx ^^
Its not a Code Geass end. So I guess you can call it good...
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