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So do u guys think Hae-young and Jin-Ho will b able to overcome the barriers and actually become a couple?.....I think Hae-Young will actually fall in love with Jin-Ho but they will never get married.......I do feel sorry for Ji-Soo though wish Jin-Ho treats her a bit better....and....wish she had at least a bit of chance
Ye I feel sorry for Ji-Soo as well but don't despair... the moment she gets officially rejected is the point when Young-Gi can come into play. If those two become a couple it would create a great harmonic situation, not very likely until the end though since this series is living from the drama. About Hae-young and Jin-Ho, well of course I'd love to see them get together (official couple or married, doesn't matter) but i'm not too familiar with the authors works and how they usually end so i have my doubts.
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