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Yeah, I still don't understand the last story arc. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool, sad, and entertaining all at the same time......but then the fridge logic kicks in and i'm left thinking. WTF!

Maybe if there's some HUGE piece of the puzzle we're missing that won't be revealed to us until they release an OVA or third season or something, then maybe I could live with that. Something that explains all of the strange decisions in a way that ACTUALLY makes sense, and maybe brings Lelouch back into the role of hero instead of suicidal evil dude.

Like Lelouch never made it out of C's world and the Lelouch we saw was his evil twin brother/robot replacement/clone. Mmhhmm. Makes perfect sense to me! I honestly think that trained monkeys could have done a better job with the last few episodes lol.

Imho they wasted too many episodes on staying in the chinese federation, and not enough time on explaining the ragnarock connection. Also I think it would have been more climactic if Schneizel was delt with first, make him use the Damocles in the last battle for tokyo. Then have a final big battle near Kaminejima that ends with Lelouch faceing Charles in C's world. Would have been a lot better from a storytelling point of view I think. But what do I know i'm just a fan right? That way we could have seen some very different character developement for Lelouch along the way.

Or cut out the Damocles completely. It seemed too advanced to me. Like their tech took a huge jump forward, even from the 9th gen KMFs. I would have also liked more scense where Lelouch talks about his motives near the end of the series. Like that one scene in the garden where Lelouch and Suzaku discuss ZR.
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