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my problem was that the "happy ending" nature of the plan depends entirely on factors that come down to luck
blind luck

take any one of my examples and apply it to the story (all things that are very likely to happen) and you fuck up the "happy ending"

Originally Posted by fertygo View Post
And about what if suzaku or kallen dies from the duel, lelou can be always change suzaku (Zero) role to kallen or even C.C or more tragically lelou use random guy geassed by him to be zero , and nothing will change about lelou plan.
my problem isn't whether or not he can move on with the plan
my problem is that its hard to portray the plan in a positive light
the only reason why the entire insanity of zero-requiem is viewed as positive is because the ending gives off a "shiny happy people" vibe to it
and thats because despite all the shit lelouch does, he never actually hurts anyone the viewers might care about (sorry diethard fans, if you exist )
have the results of his actions kill either nunnaly, kallen, or kaguya, and Lelouch goes from visionary messiah figure, to complete douche
thats what i ment
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