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Lol I gotta agree with you there Blade. I never thought about how the whole "happy ending" was so luck based. The ending seems kinda silly when I think of it that way. Not saying that I don't find the ending to be entertaining, but I just kinda laugh at it a bit .

In all seriousness, the only way it could make sense to me is if Lelouch had some kind of big secret that we all still don't understand, (I was joking about the clone thing a couple posts back) but if they don't do a direct continuation of R2 all we're left with is a bunch of plotholes lol.

Who knows, maybe the upcomming manga will make us think of the ending of R2 a bit differently. Seems unlikely since it's set in the Edo period but hey you never know it's code geass.

Another thing I find interesting is it's almost like they're using Rehtoric in the final few scenes to make the ending seem better. Take away the monologue by Kallen and the happy sounding music. Then how many people would have thought that the ending is happy?
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