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Originally Posted by fertygo View Post
I'm only just talk about lelou "type of death" on that line, yeah kallen monoloque add some vibes of "happy" for the ending. But i think even without that scenes, nothing will change about that dude. the conclusion with C.C goes to horo mode is more than enough to give vibes of "happy"

If Kallen dies and suzaku still go "plan A" ?
Its only will broke "the stabbing drama" and maybe this scenario will not have many fans like now
But the "happy" vibes is still there with C.C monoloque.
actually, kallen dying during the fight with suzaku changes the ENTIRE tone, as would nunnaly dying
you can say that there is a "happy" vibe in C.C's monoloque, but thats only because none of the characters Lelouch actually cares about were hurt during the battle
in other words, lelouch got what he wanted
a better future for those people he left behind

how is it still a happy ending if the people lelouch loves end up getting killed because of his actions ?
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