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It's been awhile, but wasn't ZR basically "The world is at peace because the guy who's been on the throne for a few months and barely influencing anything outside of the pacific ocean but map borders was assassinated and all the people involved in nuking several civilian filled locations including but not limited to Tokyo and the Capital of Britannia are now in power also now everything is completely collapsed because everyone's free of everyone else including everyone else's infrastructure so everyone's probably starving to death from broken supply lines and local warlords."? Because I totally never bought into that for obvious reasons.

I'm gonna disagree with this, partly. There was nothing too advanced about it at all, it was a great application of everything witnessed thus far. The problem however is where it and everyone's aeronautical fleets came from since only a year prior float systems and energy shields were bleeding edge experimental tech, and there's also the matters of the price tag attached to what is essentially a terrestrial DEATH STAR and how anyone could possibly hide it both financially and physically to say nothing of how it pretty much had no function at all without FLEIJA upon which work only began late in the first season. It takes years to build ships and it takes even longer to build flying terror fortresses of doom.

As for the partly part: I fully endorse cutting it. If anything not having an untouchable base from which to lob WMDs at the enemy at your leisure might lead to a better battle. Perhaps even some tactics/strategy! Also the whole thing was just extremely silly.

Also for the cut: Pink sword.

Also to be on topic: I always saw Lelouch as a sort of competent Cobra Commander (I blame the mask) and as a the chief villain through the first season, I can't be the only one can I?
Given that his chief opponent was an empire on par with Nazi Germany, how can you say that?
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