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Hey!...question- I've heard that Xenosaga II isn't all that good, and I won't say I was a huge fan of the first game. Is it worth playing through the second game to get to the third? And...does anybody know where I might find a good plot summary of the first game (rather than having to replay it or read the game script)?
True, most of people say that Xenosaga II is the worst(but that does not mean it's bad). But I must say that I think the battle system in Xenosaga II is the best of the 3 games.

In my opinion: Xenosaga I > Xenosaga III > Xenosaga II

And if you want to understand the story you have to play the second game. This story is already very complicated, if you haven't played one of the games you won't understand a thing.

About summaries, in Xenosaga III you have a GIANT database, with a LOT of information about basically everything in the series. In fact, there you have a summary of the first and the second game, here it is:

Spoiler for summary:

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