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I thought the animation looked fine - the SD moments looked quite well done, which means they shouldn't be too annoying. I like the character designs - I can't quite describe it, but the linework is interesting, it's like the overall look is very soft and rounded compared to most anime these days and yet nothing like the hazy, indistinct look that you can see in the Natsume Yuujinchou trailer that sakiwe's just posted.

I'm still worried about the story, personally. Someone described it as being Full Metal Panic-esque, and I LOATHED Full Metal Panic (Chidori is a bitch, Sagara is a dumbass and Teletha is insipid and annoying) - if it's going to be shooting people and tsundere arguments I'll be most disappointed, even if it IS about censorship.

Then again, sometimes you have to take these things with a pinch of salt. Someone described this show as being slightly Utena-esque - that turned out to be "there's a mysterious man who saved the heroine she's trying to find!" rather than Ikuhara goodness, so you never know who you can trust.
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