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Originally Posted by JohnNiles View Post
I'm yet another person that never finished II, and because III uses save files from II (swimsuit?), I never started III. One of these days... -_-
Gamefaqs has a 'Saves' section for most older games, including Xenosaga II. A little googling should show you how to use them. While I still think you should play it, don't let not having a Xenosaga II save keep you from playing III.

Originally Posted by frubam View Post
III was def the best, but its highest stand-out moment to me wasn't Jin's death, but how hard Allen worked to win Shion affections, esp over Kevin near the end. Generally, because of his lack of skill/power, you'd think he'd be delegated to some background role, but the way he stood up to Kevin while being completely powerless and convinced Shion to come back to the party's side was nothing short of remarkable. I'm glad that all that motivation from Jin and Jr. didn't go to waste =03.
I'm just not a huge fan of the Allens of the world, though I do give him props for not giving up. I just loved the Jin/Shion story, even if so much of it was basically off-screen. I like to believe if Xenosaga had gone six games like it was originally planned, Jin/Pelligri/Margulis/etc would have had more of their stories told, but like almost everything in the story, what we did get out of the three games was enough to make these characters quite tragic. And, I love tragedy.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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