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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
I don't understand this question.... and too lazy to rewatch the scene. But if you elaborate I could remember it. Though I think Izzard did say to Aisa that die but it's more like her heart stop beating. So When touma touch her. it's been dispelled..... as for touma. I think suffocate... then touma put I.B. on his neck to dispelled it.

Well it actually interest me when you mentioned this. That it actually even hurt or manage to actually hit touma. Because it should have been distrupted already by I.B before reaching him but it still hit.

His I.B. still has many mysteries.
I re-watched that part of Ep8 that Aureolus said to Touma that he bores him and the he said "fade away" or something like that that Aisa told him to wait.

Originally Posted by LockeManuel View Post
From anime:
Aureoulus: "Shine"
Aisa *kaput*

He didn't talk much...
Yes and earlier he was trying to do that to Touma too that Aisa stopped him.
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