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Originally Posted by EnOfEridu View Post
I saw this answered elsewhere but i think it was from the LN (didn't read them myself so...) and i'm referring to the people that couldn't get care because of "reasons" (live alone, no relatives, you don't know where they are, public healthcare doesn't exist, etc...)
Considering potentially every single SAO subscriber is doing so from their home, it'd be fairly easy to find the vast majority of the subscriber pool. Please don't suggest you'd lay down on a bed and log into a MMO from inside a coffee shop or net cafe ^^

With that in mind it'd be fairly easy to find *most* everyone... and the people you didn't find, well, 2000 people died in the first two months, so there's a LOT of room for people to simply waste away because they logged in from a foreign country / an unlisted address / somewhere other than their registered address. Heck, the player's likely wouldn't even know why they died... they would feel full from eating in game.

It's fairly safe to assume Kayaba published the details of every single subscriber to the government before starting his 'tutorial', so it wouldn't take much to track down 'most' everyone in those first few hours.
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