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Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
:O Then what would be the REAL experiment? Creating an AI? Training ultra high responsive swordsmen? Creating killers willing to join wars? The possibilities are endless!
I don't see SAO being a plausible military project. For one, swords have been obsolete for centuries, and if by ultra high-responsive you mean, as in like dodging bullets or something, that is simply not physically possible due to limitations human reaction time and the human body.

As for creating killers, I suppose if you believed Akihiko was telling the truth, it might desensitize you to the idea of killing a person, but it wouldn't desensitize them to the act itself - there is no blood in SAO, the avatar disappears immediately, so you don't see or hear the person suffer before they die, no feeling of blood on your hands or smell of death, the body disappears immediately so there's no decay. Even in the most violent of real life video game is nothing to the feeling of actually killing or seeing someone die a violent death (That said, I have never seen or felt this, and I hope I never have to, but listen to any interview with a war veteran or something like that.).

Besides the point, the military actually does psychological screening to AVOID recruiting individuals with sociopathic or otherwise homicidal tendencies. The psych eval isn't perfect, and occasionally one gets through, but the point remains, a sociopath is a liability in the military as they could snap at any time and kill friendlies or civilians.

Finally, the military has, in real life, invested in video game-like simulators- There was one on display once for a Javelin missile that I actually used once, and I've seen fancier ones from other hand-held weapons, tanks, and jets, however, the point of these, and most likely any simulator in the SAO universe, would be for the familiarization of a soldier with the equipment without expending ammunition (especially if, as is the case with the Javelin missile, the ammunition is exceedingly expensive).

That said, if someone does something like the "Chronicles of Amusphere" fic idea posted a while ago (basically about various games for the Amusphere including sequels to IRL games), a military grade training simulator could be included, not to mention training simulators for other things that are expensive or dangerous to use, such civilian aircraft.

Although, I suppose some the AI technology featured in SAO could be useful for numerous purposes, both civilian and military.
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