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I find that characterization of the discussion misleading, particularly the "everyone" and the "every petty fault" part. This is a series that all the posters pretty clearly enjoy. I consider these threads as a kind of "literary analysis book club" equivalent for discussing anime and manga. There are going to be differences of opinion and trading thoughts should help to modulate one's own ideas.

I spend most of the time defending or being excited about the series Lucky*Star and this is the one of the few pieces I'm less comfortable about. Most of the counterpoints to my feeling on the subject have been articulate and well-thought out (nods to Kaoru, Willen, etc). I think we're having a pleasant time discussing it.

I've actually read the manga and this adaptation has really done a pretty excellent job of transferring the feel of the series and the character personalities... so I'd say KyoAni seems to care if they're "out of character" since they worked so hard on it.

I'll bite though... what are we *supposed* to talk about in these threads?
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