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The director swap is a more interesting discussion. Discussing whether or not Konata should sing her best or out of tune in karaoke is, quite frankly, a waste of time.

Has anyone ever been in a karaoke box? I mean, there are times when I want to goof around and sing really stupid songs off key, but there are also times when there's a song I like, I want to sing it to the best of my abilities. Kona-chan IS a weird otaku girl, but she's not one-dimensional, (or the very least, there's still 19 episodes left to show her other dimensions). I have friends who are complete goofballs, and yet surprises me when they can do something very well.

Is it really not within the realm of possibility that maybe, just maybe, Kona-chan can sing (*gasp*) if she really wants to?

Anyway, that's my ~2 yen in this karaoke "controversy."

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