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Originally Posted by Ffenix Rising View Post
The problem is that the karaoke discussion is more of a complaint-fest than an actual discussion. It's only 5 episodes so far and yet people seem to know every facet of the characters faults, motivations and behavior.

So just because in only 3 episodes, when Kona starts to sing better than the first two songs, all of a sudden she's out of character? Does anyone even think, this is also part of her character as well?

Perhaps its because some of us have read the manga? No one is arguing that it is impossible for her to sing well... just that it doesn't match up with previous observations of her character's behavior. So its surprising or unexpected... Manatsu and Kouvley's post is an example of why it might be in-character rather than out-of-character, so I'll take those idea bits (as well as the others) and incorporate it into my assessment. Without that discussion, I'd be totally maintaining my initial opinion so I have concur with Risaa about the merits of any discussion (especially since watching any entertainment is a "waste of time" technically). I guess I just think labeling what was a polite discussion about the way a character is being portrayed a "complaint-fest" to be kind of rude, eh?
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