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Originally Posted by Ffenix Rising View Post
To put everything what I've said in the most neutral tone possible: Don't always try to have a negative point-of-view in a topic or situation, which in this case is the karaoke ending sequences. Have some perspective in the matter.
Aha no worries. I'm sorry I got a bit snappy. Though, I do agree with what you said right here, so I try to have a neutral POV (though admittedly I tend to have a positive, totally optimistic view on my shows ). Don't take what I said to mean that I dislike Lucky*Star; it's already on my favorites list. (It's battling ARIA for X place at the moment...)

Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
There's nothing wrong in recognizing what one considers faults as well as positives. I can adore something while recognizing the flaws.
Hmm, I think that can be said for many things in life, especially other people.

Originally Posted by Vexx-san
I'm rather interested in hearing how and what sort of songs Tsukasa and Miyuki sing (e.g., will they be anime tunes or some traditional children's song? Or will Tsukasa innocently pick some really slutty song and have no clue about the meaning?)
Aah, definitely! I'm actually hoping Miyuki will sing a bit terribly.. funny as it is, I think it'd up her moe factor. Maybe Tsukasa will have a surprisingly low voice... :P

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