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Double posting because of the vast difference of subject item.... gomen.
Originally Posted by mit7059 View Post
My mother would turn her nose up in disgust for you even comparing your rice to Japanese rice. She's a total purist, she'll compain about us running out of Japanese rice and then we'll be at costco and there'll be these huge 60 lbs bags of rice and I'll say "hey look rice," to which she'll respond, "please thats indian rice, not japanese rice, I guess I'll just have to drive across town to the Japanese grocery store *sigh*"

Maybe my teenage tastes aren't that refined but I can't tell that much difference between different types of rice, the main difference i see is based on how much water you put in the rice cooker determining how sticky the rice will be
yeah... your teenage tastes aren't that refined

The rice we've been using for years changed their variety and there was an instant "wtf?" taste response from everyone in my household. So we went on a rice tasting expedition, bringing home 5 different kinds of short grain japanese rice.

Medium grain and long grain rice have immediately obvious different textures but taste is more subtle (I know some people can't tell the taste difference between mushrooms either ).

When presented with the different rices all at the same time, even my 16 yr old could tell the difference. One of the losing rices tasted too "papery" he said. Each rice was prepared according to its instructions (the water/rice ratio varied.... depends on the ability of that particular variety of grain to soak up water).

We've looked at the costco rice (yeah, mostly indian varieties) but more its a problem because medium and long grain rice doesn't stick together as well as short grain (caveat: some medium grains are okay in that regard). The rice served in most chinese restaurants fails for us because it's almost sticky-free and difficult to maneuver with chopsticks (moreso because they don't offer ricebowls. Several of my chinese friends refuse to use chopsticks at chinese restaurants because they say "chopsticks and bowl are combined eating utensils ... don't offer one without the other")

If anyone thinks Uncle Ben's converted rice is rice.... well then I can't help them.

As far as rice toppings.... my wife likes powdered shiso leaves, I tend to like seaweed bits... but we use all sorts of things like:
kimchi, pickled spicy eggplant, umeboshi, daikon bits, random pickled veggies. My younger son does use a bit of soy sauce but we've gotten him to cut back as he ages.
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