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I kind of started wondering what the information regarding seals might mean in Tsukune's case. I mean his Holy Lock is also a seal, which mean's, like Moka's Rosario it filter's part's of Tsukune's abilities and personality. I agree that Tsukune's seal might be quite different then Moka's, but the general concept regarding both of them should be the same right.

Now, what I think Tsukune's Holy Lock is sealing are Tsukune's violent vampire nature (the Ghoul) it probably limits the amount of power Tsukune can use as well. It kind of makes things interesting since it would suggest that Tsukune's vampire nature and his power's have already became a part of Tsukune meaning that he might already be some type of a primitive vampire already.

I don't mean that he is the same type of being as Moka, since unlike her, Tsukune still can't control himself without the presence of his seal, but he might be on his way of becoming a vampire as well, though I think there will still be a bit of differences between him and Moka if that happens.

Well, I quite agree that things might not look so simple as what I posted here, since there are still quite a few unknown's regarding Tsukune's "transformation", but this what I came up with, after I started comparing what was revealed about seal's in the latest chapter, and what we knew so far about Tsukune's Holy Lock, so Tsukune's development might not exactly occur in the fashion that I spoke of, but at least it gives you something to think about.

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