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Originally Posted by FriedRice84 View Post
Haha...I noticed that too. I practically LOL'd out of my chair when I saw it.

I also a have another crack theory thanks to reading some comments on another forum: It could be possible that Moka lost control of her power in a spat with Akuha and accidentally killed her mom. The seal was to prevent her from ever losing control like that again and sealing the memory of the event.

In the Snow Village Arc, Kahula said that among the sisters, Moka is of a special pedigree. It could be possible that Moka and Akuha had a confrontation where Chibi Moka lost control over her power. Akasha could have tried to step in to stop Moka and Moka accidentally killed her. The strain of losing control and probably the shock of accidentally killing her mom might have caused Moka to pass out and have memory loss of the event.

So, in order to prevent Moka from ever losing control like that, Moka was sealed. The seal not only limited her powers and personality, but it would also continue to block the memory of Moka killing her mom in case she remembers.

Daddy Starbucks might have hid away all of Akasha's things and told Moka that she disappeared so Moka won't have to know that she killed her mom. The rest of the sisters are told to keep it secret from Moka.

It's a little crazy but it's within the realm of possibility
That would be too dark and too sad. It certainly makes a nice twist, but it's mean to do something like that to sweet Moka.

It certainly is viable though.
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