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Originally Posted by SoilderOfDarkness
Given the fact that that UE's motives maybe geared to assisting humanity and that the ones controlling the robots are kids, I don't think the fighting is being taken seriously to begin with. That just goes to show how big of a technological gap it is between the two. It's like when Lockon in Dynames was taking pot shots at construction workers armed wtih 50 calibur guns.

There are several instances where the UE could've simply annihilated the Gundam and Diva yet they just pull out at randomly. Now that we know kids like Descil are running them I think that speaks for itself. They are just toying with them and that's what some of the posters are complaining.
This is not what I'm expressing...I'm fine if that's what the UE are really doing...My grip isn't with what they are or are not doing from a hidden plot aspect, I'm saying from an animation and imaginative aspect they aren't doing anything impressive with that (The staff)...I honestly feel like its lazy animation...If the story was truly trying to convey what you're saying (Like the Lockon example that was further or earlier expanded on with countless scenes showing the ineffective MS tech of the OO-world), there would be more visual or story keys to highlight it...I don't see that, I just see cool mechs spraying a cheap weapon indiscriminately, lazily (which coincides with how unimaginative most of the battles in this show have been)...

Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu View Post
Then stop watching the show, instead of having your standards not met on a weekly basis.
I could use the search function and find the 800 times I've responded to a trite post like this, but I'll just say, you asked what i found annoying didn't you? Don't handblast the answer...
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