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Although if they can improve on their own, why does Yark Dole bother sending a Zedas unit to Madorna for upgrades? Unless it was supposed to be some kind of plan to destroy the factory? Still more questions.
Originally Posted by Znozzy View Post
Maybe he was planning on leaking some UE related specs to Madorna so he could give them to the Diva's crew?
They just used the factory as their "storage". There is not much about it I think. We see that Zedas is not in the previous battle, now we know that it was because the "owner" hand it to the factory. It was kept there, it was not needed for the moment.


If you tell me, all these are telling me that they are indeed the UE.

The guy giving out blueprints to Fardain to keep them busy with their little games. They have control of the colony in the shadows. These shows the EFF in Fardain just plain do not care, just like in Nora.

The boring and soulless slaughter from UE is also come to light a bit. They are remote controlled, the pilots care not about the acrobats of battle, etc. Just slaughter whatever they wanted. This is just a game to them.
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