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Originally Posted by noir senshi View Post
Do you think it's possible that the UE mobile suits developed from a type of "AGE" system? So they've been improving over time and possible to the point where they don't need pilots?
I don't know about not needing that pilots, but it does seem like the Baqto just happens to be the perfect answer to the AGE-1 Normal and I don't think it's been seen before. So I don't find it an impossible prospect.

Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu View Post
Yeah Emily getting a talking to by Madorna's wife makes me hate her quite a bit less. I'm hoping in the next episode, she'll start to encourage Flit to fight. But for the now, the events of this episode are enough to cool the raging star of hatred I had for her.
I personally found it disappointing, I rather Flit and Emily talk it out (which was what they were heading prior to our first glimpse of the Euba/Zalam conflict) and understand each other's positions more, rather than Emily just swallowing it all up and left Flit totally clueless about her concerns.

Originally Posted by LightningZERO View Post
One thing caught my attention. Flit mentioned that he lost his "mom and dad too". We know what happened to his mother. What about the father? I wonder if he will turn out to be on UE's side?
I find that unlikely. If they wanted to do that, it would have been more effective if they showed us more glimpses of his father before this (in whatever form it is), because the shock will be more evident to the audience when it is revealed since it is a character known or at least vaguely familiar with. If it happens now, it would feel like a random rabbit pulled out of a random hat since his father hasn't gotten as much silhouette.

I guess he's sort of like Setsuna's dad at the moment, he was just there and happens to be less important both in the actual scene and symbolically (ironic I guess since both mother's death scene were played by the same VA).
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