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Originally Posted by Geta Boshi View Post
I have a question to kj1980 .

How does the tradional Japanese new year coincide with Western New Year. I mean we follow the Gregorian calender which is a lunar calender . While Tradional Japanese follow the solar calender with shinto being the principle religions ( influenced by Budhism )
I didn't major in tradition or culture, so I wouldn't know, nor would I care. We celebrate New Years on January 1st as everyone else. I believe the old new year followed the Chinese Lunar Calendar, but then again, I wouldn't know. Try wikipedia. By the way, the Gregorian system is a solar calendar.

As for religion, religion isn't a major issue here. Like I said many times, our country is as closest to being a "polytheistic-atheism." In many ways, we are Christian (capitalistic St. Valentines and Christmas), pagantry (Halloween is gaining popularity these days), New Years rites (Shinto), obon (Buddhism), funerals (Buddhism), weddings (Western = "Christian" or Traditional = Shinto), etc. etc. But quite frankly, no one gives a damn about religion.

We don't celebrate Christmas because it's Christian, we celebrate it because it is a day of lovers, presents, and cakes.

We don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day in order to honor St. Valentinus, we do it because of capitalistic drive of chocolate companies forcing us that "girls should give to men they like," and the like.

We aren't Buddhists because we do most of our funerals that way, we do it because it's the way it has been all this time.

And we don't go to New Year's festivals because we are Shintoist, we do it because it's part of our culture.

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