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Originally Posted by Traece View Post

Minor translation issues < watching it sooner than later.

The one thing I tend to be impatient about (not so much publicly) is anime. I hate waiting, especially if I actually know what day to expect to see the episode. Thursday without Toradora! is just so empty. It's a good thing the Halo Wars demo was dropped on us today or I would've been so horribly bored.
Depends on what you call "minor" if major plot points are lost because of a mistranslation (not accusing coalguys of anything - but a translation heavily affects perception of events, one that misses an important nuance can leave a viewer wondering why X happened instead of Z a few episodes later).

Also... I don't know... be glad delays are the exception rather than the norm any more? That even a couple of years ago, it wasn't unusual to wait a week or even a month for an episode release? (or months/yrs if all the fansubbers doing a series imploded?).

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