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For some reason i believe that the star at the top of the Christmas tree represented ryujii. Minorin is afraid of taking some precious away from taiga. Even though the star was fixed up it wasn't the same, minorin is scared to break something that once broken wont be able to be completely fixed again. Taiga holds ryujii precious regardless, it doesn't matter to minorin if taiga just likes ryujii or loves him. She just doesn't want to take something or someone, that special from her friend. Especially from someone like taiga who doesn't really have a lot to begin with, if you really think about it. Almost all of the changes and growing up taiga has done throughout the series(not counting her Christmas behavior) has been because of her time spent with ryujii. Minorin has realized this. I think the incident may have furthered minorin's thinking in this way reinforcing her sense of guilt. Also with the way Ami was speaking to ryujii, it almost felt as if she was giving up...cant wait to se what happens next
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