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So well done. So... well... done.

Lawrence's lines are perfect, you finally see how much Horo means to him. But I think the absolute best part of his whole dialogue through the episode is the words he uses to describe exactly how important she is. He only has his experience and knowledge as a merchant to fall back to, and he likens her to a piece of very important cargo that is about to fall off! While this gets the point across that Horo is the most important thing in his cart, it seems like he is forgetting this piece of cargo isn't just dead weight obeying gravity. She has a will of her own! Now how she decides to use it he has no idea.

Loved his question at the end of his meeting with Deanna and loved his mumbling when he woke up (Horo is more than just pretty, she has utility value!). Amati paying Lawrence in the market was great, he was mocking the heck out of him! "I have sooooooooo much money I couldn't think of anything better to do than go get gold coins JUST TO SEE YOUR FACE."

I'm quite amazed at how well done these episodes have been, and I just can't wait to see this volume's conclusion in motion. Just thinking about it gets me excited enough to start fidgeting.
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