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Originally Posted by freakonboard View Post
Sorry, I forgot to check.
At very least it's bigger.
True, you image is easir to 'read'(but there is someone here reading? ).

Originally Posted by freakonboard View Post
Actually, when anime was first broadcasted, Volume 7 of the novels already published for about a year.
You see, Sakanaka only show up in Volume 8 (her, not her name). What coincidence huh?

Originally Posted by freakonboard View Post
But I think the character designs were done by KyoAni staff.
The source of this pic is Suzumiya Haruhi Official Fanbook ~ Suzumiya Haruhi no Koushiki, the translated version was done by Chux
Here's the raw page and alternate fan-made version.

Spoiler for size:
Spoiler for size:
That alternate version is interesting. They all have appeared at last once in the old episodes

Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
I'm just stating that the names, including Sakanaka's, were already present within the series. As Tanigawa doesn't seem to like randomly throwing out names, it's entirely possible he had intended on using at least one of the students mentioned, and might have already worked out a basic personality for each of them.
You know, I can remember only two characters that were hinted to existe before their first apparition. But both didn't have their name given until we see then.

I undeerstand what you say, and givem how Kyoani have worked with Tanigawa (asking him for the script of any anime-only scene), I believe he was the on who did it. Even then, I think it is probable he only did it for the anime (cause they need concistent background characters) and decided to use it in the novels.

Originally Posted by freakonboard View Post
Kinda related to this thread...
Spoiler for female students in class 1-5:
Source: Comp H's Vol.2
Nice post! There is any translation?

Btw, never had noticied Sakanaka was looking worried to Haruhi in the first episode.Kinda fiting with the 'wants to be friend with Haruhi'.

However, there is a small inconcistence there too. The other class rep (along with Ryouko) is said to be Goto. However, in a screenshot on that last image, the one standing at Ryouko side, when it seen she is talking to the class, is Sakaki.
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