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Originally Posted by TakariCritic View Post
Speaking of classmates, anyone remember Koizumi telling Kyon of the member in his class in the Organization? I'm having difficulty finding it.
A few guess:

Arakawa- He is actually Arakawa son, but his father change his namewhen dealing with Haruhi,so she wouldn't notice (this is a baseless speculation, btw). Plus, he used to study with Haruhi in middle school

Amane- He was stalking Ryouko. Maybe by the Organization orders.

Naruzaki, Naoki or Saeki- Friends of Sakanaka, who wants to befriend Haruhi. Sakanaka herself is not likely, as the organization as a whole don'ttry to becometoo close of her.

Goto or Takato- No reason, but in the first episode it is shown they (and Arakawa) were in the same middle school as Haruhi.

Taniguchi- 4 years in the same class as Haruhi might be not a coincidence. He is a very good actor then.
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