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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Where did you hear this from?
I just made up. Of course. As I said, just a few guess. I think in who could be, based in what we know about their characters. It is pretty hard to say, as we don't know much of then. My favorite guess is Arakawa, for now, just because his name (and becauser he might be badass, since his family has a dojo).

Actually, the most likely to be, given the currents informations, is Taniguchi.

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
And it's highly unlikely that every member of the organization is an Esper.
Actually, given there is no much more then 10 ESPers, it is really improbable the organization has only then as members.

Originally Posted by TakariCritic View Post
I remember reading that there was an agent in class 1-5, and Koizumi stated that the agent was actually a fan of Kyon's. I'm having a hard time finding that quote though.
A fan of Kyon? A girl maybe? How about Yanagimoto? Maybe she dislike Haruhi because he likes Kyon.

A don't remember ever reading this, tough. But I miss many things while reading books in english.
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