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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
I'm the one who needs to ease up? You're the one immediately goes "NO, YOU'RE WRONG!!!" at people without even reading their post properly to prove you're some sort of DBZ-know-it-all. Of course I'm not gonna mince words with a guy like that.
Where did I say "NO, YOU'RE WRONG!!!"? Show me exactly where I said that. I thought so. Think twice before calling others out on reading comprehension.

And the funny thing is that this reply of yours isn't even a response to the rest of the content in my previous post. I guess the only thing you can do is throw a temper tantrum at people over the internet when you no longer have a proper rebuttal.

Regarding the Funimation version of DB Kai, Sean Schemmel is the one who actually sings the opening theme song. I really enjoyed this performance of his. Here's the link:
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