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Originally Posted by Dlanor A. Knox View Post
But now I think about it, since the Ushiromiya's are all luxery the would have:
2:another dish (dont know the name in english)
3: head court
4: Dessert

And the Supper ofcourse....
THAT'S ALOT!! *jealous*
To be more specific, in Ep5, when Erika is present, a bit more details are given about what Ryukishi thinks Ushiromiya should eat like in this particular dinner, and definitely works like this:
  1. Hors d'oeuvres are mentioned, but it is never described what they are today. The word, unfortunately, covers a lot of things, but it is clear these are not finger food, as the question of the proper forks to eat them comes up. I would expect a salad.
  2. Soup. No details on what kind of soup.
  3. Main course, which is clearly said to be calf steak.
  4. Dessert, a chocolate cake.
But, it is quite definite that no other food beyond that is expected for the day, as once Maria reads her letter once the dessert is done, no further meals happen except suspected cases of tea brought into the conference.
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