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On the messed-up Second Twilights in Chiru, there's always the simplest explanation that the culprit just messes up. Even if we believe Hideyoshi was going to fake the second twilight but was actually attacked and killed, clearly things didn't go quite as planned with Natsuhi witnessing and Eva coming back too soon. That leaves aside the issue of where the culprit could have gone, but ignoring that, it could just be a bungle. And in ep6, the game may simply pause before the culprit got around to finishing up.

But an excellent point has been raised: "tear apart" does not imply murder per the Plotline Murders scheme, so in theory no one has to die in the Second Twilight at all.

However, here's an even stranger thing: If the Plotline Murders are supposed to track the epitaph, the culprit should not be killing at the second twilight.

Look at the epitaph! "At the second twilight, those who remain shall tear apart the two who are close."

The executor of the Second Twilight is clearly stated to be "those who remain." If we go by the (incorrect) epitaph murder ritual interpretation, the killer should be forcing the remaining survivors to commit the Second Twilight, not doing it him or herself.
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