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This is no news, it's been noticed since a while that the serial murder isn't really following the epitaph properly. If you see a problem with the second twilight, then what should we say about the third? Was it ever respected?
It was halfassed with the discord letter in a few episodes, and outright ignored in others. The problem with the third is the same as with the second; it's the survivors who should be doing it, and it's hard to force them to do it, especially if you're trying to keep your goings-on secret.

But the discord letter is wrong too. The epitaph is addressed to Beatrice! The actual author of the epitaph is speaking in the first-person, therefore the "honorable name" isn't Beatrice. It's whoever is behind the ritual.

...Is there anyone who receives praise consistently sometime after the Second Twilight but before the Fourth?

Granted, the epitaph murders are being committed wrong regardless since we know the epitaph is not about any sort of ritual. The "right answer" will be treating it as a puzzle, as that's the answer that's twice been shown to correctly lead to the gold. Still, I wonder if the person using the epitaph put much thought into what they were doing, because even a cursory reading would indicate they're doing things wrong.
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This story is a redacted confession.

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