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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Also note that when Nobunaga struck down the retainer on the dockside, it was not for his seemingly impudent comment - it was for his refusal to stand by it when confronted. Nobunaga's vanity does not extend to pointless desire for blind worship - if he's anything, he's the ultimate practical man.

I really appreciate an anime depiction of Nobunaga where he's not some cartoonish ogre, but a complex and difficult man (which is what he was). This, for me, is leaps and bounds more interesting and yes, more intense than shows like Sengoku Basara.
And it's pretty accurate of what we know of Nobunaga.

And also I should add, the "monkey" is always portrayed as cunning, scheming, and that's certainly true.
But Toyotomi Hideyoshi was also very loyal to Oda.
Despite having massive ambition (which for the most come came to fruition later), he did genuinely admire Nobunaga.
I'm from the west, kansai area and I always felt the kantou folks (who for the most part makes anime, manga, etc) unfairly stereotype Hideyoshi negatively all the time. And Nobunaga as well. They were both great men of the era, and deserve to be depicted with respect, like other favorites Shingen, Masamune, Kenshin, Sanada, etc.

That being said, overall I absolutely love the portrayal of warlords in this work.
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