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Wow, that's some pretty bold stuff, readily but reluctantly sacrificing the woman you love for the sake of your ambitions. Still, I loved the way it was portrayed. Usually, the woman would 'get in the way at the last second', but Osen willingly giving up her life for her husband was a very admirable and powerful display of her affection toward Sasuke. You just don't get that in most romance these days(then again, usually one's life is not at stake).

I had to wonder why the hell didn't Sasuke just kill off Araki and take the tea bowl too? I understand he was shocked at the display of such grandeur, but he could have easily taken his life and caught two birds with one stone. It's not like Nobunaga would know that he took anything. Did he feel it such a waste to kill a man with his sense of aesthetics?

I'm assuming that the name of the bowl and Araki's name is not a coincidence.

The ending was also captivating because of the cliffhanger D0=. I wonder does Soueki know about what Sasuke did? Perhaps Araki sold Soueki one of the bowls he carried off, but that still wouldn't explain Soueki knowing about it. Then again, if Araki were to mention to Soueki that he escaped by giving the bowl to someone who was an aesthete, maybe he put 2&2 together. Soueki seems like he is quite keen in noticing details such as that. Of course, it could be a coincidence, but with chars this complex, I'm not putting anything past them.
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